Nautica N'Fecimus Shake Your Tail Feather TKN (IMP USA)



Hips 4:7

Elbows 0

Heart Clear 18/6/16

Eyes Clear 18/6/16

Nautica's Red Hot Sun at Larjans ex AmCh Evans' The Roost on Cupsuptic Lake


Birdie is my latest import from Danielle Brewer of Nautica Field Spaniels, this gorgeous black girl is everything i had wanted (for 15 years of trying) I finally have my black bitch!

Birdie is very smart and is a scent detection dog as well as picking up birds on the local shoots. she's very versatile and will turn her paw to anything I ask. 


Birdie Gained her TKN (trick dog novice title) in April 2020 during Covid-19 we sent in videos to the USA. WTG Bird!


Website updated 25/01/2021 

NEW Trick Dog Novice titles for Sam Grayson and Birdie

Eric - Fecimus Chase The Dream to Ewtor JW 2CC 2RCC - TOP PUPPY 2019!!


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