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Risekar Rose Adagio

31.08.06- 29.12.15
ShCh Nadavin Inheritance X ShCh Risekar Rose Cinder JW 

Aurora is my heart dog, she doesn't care for showing, she loves to be by my side, sleeping on my bed or the sofa, she is one in a million and I am blessed to have her here with me.

My heart shattered when on the 29th December 2015, I had to make the hardest decision i've ever had to make, Aurora was given sleep. She fought a corageous battle with cancer for 14 months. My heart, my everything, my world is not complete without you. Sleep tight princess,  i love you x

Aurora is mother to Hanna -AMCH Fecimus Sheila Blige and grandmother to Miley- Fecimus Best of Both Worlds and Winston- Fecimus The World Is Mine. 


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